Our curriculum and classrooms are individually tailored to your child’s development.

As they grow, they will continue to move up into new classes with a more advanced curriculum. Our classrooms are large and colorful with age appropriate furnishings, including toys and books galore. Each classroom is themed with an oceanic animal, from Angelfish to Barracudas.

“Play with purpose” guides our unique age-specific programs and curricula, each designed to move your child ahead developmentally, intellectually, and socially in an environment that’s warm, nurturing, and fun. And, of course, school readiness is a primary focus for all of our programs.


We have two infant rooms. The first room cares for our youngest infants, between 6 weeks to 6 months old. The second room is for the older infants, between 6 months to 12 months old, who are just starting to move, crawl, and explore.


Our toddlers, between 12 months to 24 months old, have their own unique classrooms and curricula. Children at this age are at different stages of development and still exploring the world around them.

Early Learners

Our early learners program for 2 year olds reinforces independence while providing structure and guidance. At 2, children have an abundance of energy and we steer this energy to learning and discovery. Teachers use different tools to engage the children and help set the stage for kindergarten.


Our learners program for 3 year olds builds on skills started in earlier classrooms. Our three year olds start the early preschool program, which will help your child develop all the skills necessary to successfully enter kindergarten ready to learn.


Our pre-k program for 4 year olds focuses on kindergarten readiness. This curriculum encourages critical thinking and problem solving that will be needed for kindergarten and throughout life. Children will be taught math, science, language, and social studies, using methods that boosts engagement and makes learning fun.


Our kindergarten curriculum is for children that miss the public kindergarten cut-off, but want to be challenged at a kindergarten level. This curriculum includes special kindergarten materials to keep older children engaged, intrigued, and excited about learning.

After School Care

Your children are attending public school and are ready for a break when the school day is done. We have an area for your child to do homework, play video games, or run off excess energy outside. We provide transportation for children to and from several elementary schools in the Denton area. Please contact us for information on a specific school.